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My 3 yr. old daughter has 2 shirts from KwiltsByK. She loves them because, as she puts it, "they are so beautiful!" She picks them to wear over anything else in her closet. She has one that is a classic T-shirt fit that looks great with jeans, and one that is a girl fit which looks really cute with her skirts. As a mom I need children's clothes to last through spills and dirt and my daughter's shirts still look great after months of play. I highly recommend KwiltsByK to everyone looking for fun, cute, customized shirts that are durable enough to survive an active 3 yr. old. 


I have nieces and nephews scattered throughout the country which makes it hard to find and ship gifts for birthdays and holidays. I love this site because there is a huge selection of designs I can choose from for a shirt to fit each individuals interests. They come in a variety of sizes which makes it easy to order matching shirts for siblings/cousins. You can even add their name for a more personalized touch. Once I have picked out something I know they will love I can have it shipped right to their house making it hassle free. I love being able to give thoughtful personalized gifts!

I have several quilts by kwiltsbyk and they are excellent quality! They are created by a very talented designer who makes beautiful one-of-a-kind quits that will last forever!


I love how my name is embroidered on my quilt, I love the sharks on the corners of my quilt. My quilt is cool!


There is nothing better than pulling a heavy quilt stitched just for you, over your body on a cold winter day. Thank you kwiltsbyk!


I love my quilt from kwiltsbyk! The embroidered designs stitched throughout the quilt make it unique and beautiful!


My favorite thing about KwiltsByK is that they can take hobbies or things that you like and make them into a quilt just for you!


I love the quilt made by KwiltsByK!   I am a nurse and she customized my quilt to reflect my career, with embroidered nurses and matching medical prints.  I use it to stay warm while watching TV, during long winters in Northern Idaho.  It is so cozy! 


I had received the most beautiful quilt from Kwilts By K for my birthday.  It is simply amazing. The quilt is perfect!!

It consists of four main quilting blocks – organized in beautiful pattern.  Kwilts By K has a great eye for patterns and colors that go together that make her quilts outstanding! She is an amazing seamstress and you won’t be disappointed! 

My quilt is perfect for me to curl up under at night when watching television.  I use it all of the time as our house always seems to be cold to me. 

Thank you so much Kwilts By K for giving me a memory to last a lifetime! 


What adorable shirts! How fun to get these cheery and personalized shirts just in time for the new season. It has made us so excited for spring. The design was done so well with a lot of attention to detail. We especially love the darling bunny. Just perfect for our little one!